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Software Asset Management

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SAM Maturity Assessments

Understanding and baselining the current state of your Software Asset Management maturity is critical to defining any improvement or change activity. Harrison James can offer a number of packages to support you in assessing, understanding and defining improvement options by providing the right sized maturity assessment.


Software Harvesting / Recycling Service

Software recycling / re-harvesting service on a vendor by vendor basis, for a fixed fee per month or as an outsourced service per year across the software estate to help optimise your software costs.

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SAM Implementation Program

SAM is a business practice that involves managing and optimising the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilisation and disposal of software assets within the organisation.

A SAM programme helps organisations understand what software they have licensed, deployed, in use and the details between those figures. The programme can be implemented in 3 phases or just the one.

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