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Common IT Challenges


We understand the challenges IT organisations face

How Harrison James can help you:

Increase the availability of your services 

Ensure that change disruption is minimised

Ensure that services meet customer needs for today and the future

Improve customer and staff satisfaction

Service Quality
Are there too many incidents?
Do your services meet current business needs and are you confident they will meet future business needs?
Do your staff or customers talk about how bad IT is?
Are you failing audits or not meeting regulatory demands?

How Harrison James can help you:

Reduce your IT operating costs

Enable a clear view of IT spend

Enable effective budgeting, forecasting and reporting

Service Cost
Are the operating costs of your IT too high?
Is IT seen as a bottomless pit?
Are costs unpredictable and difficult to forecast?
Do projects always seem to cost significantly more than expected?

How Harrison James can help you:

Optimise your teams performance with Organisational Design, Capability Mapping, Coaching and Development, Talent Acquisition and Improvement Roadmaps

Supplier Performance and Management that can help drive supplier quality, delivery and cost

Service Delivery
Are you getting value from your inhouse team and suppliers?
Do you have capability gaps that are resulting in poor quality and performance?
Is your IT organisation losing the faith of your customers/users?
Do IT services take too long to become available?

Find the service that will address your challenges

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