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IT consulting that is tailored and outcome-driven.

Drawing on our skilled and service focused experts, we can direct or deliver across the full lifecycle for IT organisations to deliver the required outcomes.

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As ever, the proof is in the pudding! Here are some examples of where we have enabled our customers to achieve their desired outcomes through tailored IT service management.


We care about outcomes.

How Harrison James can help you:

Increase the availability of your services 

Ensure that change disruption is minimised

Ensure that services meet customer needs for today and the future

Improve customer and staff satisfaction

Service Quality
Common issues:
Are there too many incidents being logged?
Do your IT services meet current business needs and are you confident they will meet future business needs?
Does your staff or customers talk about how bad IT is? Maybe your customer satisfaction survey is low?

How Harrison James can help you:

Reduce your IT operating costs

Enable a clear view of IT spend

Enable effective budgeting, forecasting and reporting

Service Cost
Common issues:
Are the operating costs of your IT too high? Or maybe, you don't have them under control?
Is IT seen as a bottomless cash pit?
Are IT costs unpredictable and difficult to forecast? Or when you do, they are inaccurate? 

How Harrison James can help you:

Optimise your teams performance with Organisational Design, Capability Mapping, Coaching and Development, Talent Acquisition and Improvement Roadmaps

Supplier Performance and Management that can help drive supplier quality, delivery and cost

Service Delivery
Common issues:
Are you getting value from your inhouse team and suppliers? Do you know what you should be getting?
Do you have capability gaps that are resulting in poor quality and performance?
Is your IT organisation losing the faith of your customers/users?

What our clients say.

Harrison James have played an important role in supporting our major insourcing IT project - which we are in a great position to go live (on time and on budget) at the beginning of July. While doing so, they have regularly gone above and beyond in providing us with an excellent level of customer service and supported us with solutions to any issues we have faced. We have built a close relationship with our Principal Consultant. Thank you.

Ricardo Gomes Da Silva
Director of Systems, Family Action